Energy is vital. Without energy there can be no life, nothing.

We find ourselves on the most southern point of Africa. In Africa we are always aware of energy; we celebrate the abundance of energy around us in our dances and in our art. It is mirrored in the richness of our nature; from our rain forests to our savannah plains; from our great oceans to our mighty rivers. For millions of years we have lived with our sun, our winds, our great lakes and oceans, and our forests to sustain ourselves.

Therefore, we use an ancient Adinkra symbol from the Akan people of West Africa for energy. It symbolises the vitality of energy; that flow becomes possible only when energy is applied. It is also grounded in the earth and anchored in the sky signifying that we must look upwards to find energy and use it to sustain our earth on which we depend. The cyclical image tells us to think of our ways of living as investing, harvesting, enjoying and returning to investing again; a never ending process.


Tidal pool near Bantamsklip, Weyers du Toit,