Mission Statement

Save Bantamsklip is a registered association (NPO and PBO) of individuals, civic organizations and communities united in the belief that the proposed siting of a nuclear power plant on the farm “Groot Hagelkraal” at Bantamsklip on the South-Western Cape’s Overberg coast is grossly inappropriate and ill-advised.

We believe that the Agulhas National Park and the Cape Nature protected areas of lowland and coastal fynbos, together with the Dyer Island Nature Reserve and Marine Sanctuary, at the heart of the Cape Whale Route and the Fynbos Route, are crucial provincial and national heritage, protected natural resources areas, and are seen as the mainstay of the regional economy.

We further believe that this cluster of PA ‘s should be considered worthy of UNESCO World Heritage Site status.

We will therefore support only development planning and economic activities that provide enhanced protection and sustainable utilization of these natural areas and the natural resources found in them.

In the light of the above, Save Bantamsklip proposes that

  1. The site should be removed from the list of nuclear sites proposed by Eskom and the South African Government;
  2. The farm, Groot Hagelkraal and all it adjoining sub-divisions presently owned by Eskom and previously owned by Cape Nature, including the Bantamsklip coastline should be transferred to the Agulhas National Park;
  3. That this proposed transfer to SAN Parks is undertaken in the context of an enhanced custodianship, in recognition of the indigenous rights of the Chainoukwa Khoi-san peoples, and that a Contractual National Park model be considered.
  4. All regional, provincial and national efforts and investments in the Agulhas coastal region should be expended through a natural resource economic approach, to better understand the role of natural resources in the regions economy and undertake development, according such recognition in the future.
  5. Further, to develop a renewable energy and technology development paradigm for the sub region.
  6. To support local planning efforts focused on the establishment of a UNESCO Agulhas Cluster Biosphere Reserve.