In addition to cooling the air inside your home, the central A/C also extracts water vapor from the air. It is important to clean your unit at the beginning and at end of summer. How often should I clean the filters in my air conditioner? Your air conditioner, when maintained, will last for a long time. Why Should I Clean My Air Conditioner? You should clean off the coils, the housing, the vents, and the duct work for central air ��� What should I do in advance to make sure my air conditioner runs efficiently this summer? And we���ll provide tips on how to choose a provider that will do the job right. Follow these steps at least every three months or as often as required to ensure your air conditioning system functions efficiently. Frequently changing the air filter of your air conditioner might prove to be expensive. i have no air conditioner, so i dont need to do it at all. Yesterday, we featured 5 Tips for Annual Air Conditioner Maintenance. Does an air conditioner ever need re-gassing? Air Conditioner Coil Cleaning Methods How to Clean AC Coils with Compressed Air. Cleaning the air conditioner filter in your wall mounted air conditioner is imperative not only to your health but your safety as well. Regular air conditioner maintenance like cleaning the filters is an important part of owning and using your air conditioner in order to make sure it cools your home or office effectively. Set up a schedule of cleaning, and maintaining your air conditioner at least twice a year. Having a dirty air filter damages the unit and also interferes with the airflow. The most important maintenance task that will ensure the efficiency of your air conditioner is to routinely replace or clean its filters. Clean your outdoor unit on a day that���s at least 60 degrees F. That���s about the minimum temperature at which you can test your air conditioner servicing to make sure it���s working. You might notice that over time your air conditioner feels like it���s not working as well. To Deep Clean Air Conditioners, Use Coil Cleaner. Clogged, dirty filters block normal airflow and reduce a system's efficiency significantly. Your dealer may use a combination of using compressed air, a shop-vac and heavy-duty coil-cleaning chemicals that meet the specifications of your air conditioner model. Maybe it���s not pushing out as much air out, or perhaps it���s not making your house as cool. Also, it consumes a lot of electricity to run the unit. Occasionally, you may need to give a window air conditioner the deepest clean possible. but there are three air conditioners in my parents' house, and my mom often clean them once a month in summer. June 10 2015. Your furnace or air conditioner is the key component and "lifeblood" of your home���s comfort and safety; they are mechanical appliances that should be cleaned on a regular basis. 10. Blocked filters can reduce a system's efficiency significantly. With the air filters removed and cleaned, we���ll now clean the Heat Exchanger within your air conditioner. Even when you understand the need to clean the coils on your air conditioner, you may wonder how to do it right, and when it needs to be done. A dirty air conditioner can be a major disrupter to your midsummer chill out. While many modern air conditioners come equipped with self-cleaning functions, nothing beats a proper hands-on clean of the various bits and bobs within your unit that can get clogged with dust and dirt over time. The ac condensers usually sit in an inconspicuous spot next to your house. How Often To Clean Air Conditioner Drain Line. This is best to do once the unit has been off for at least 5 ��� If you prefer to clean them more often, that is acceptable as well. How often should one clean the air filters? Don���t worry, this doesn���t necessarily mean it���s ��� often times, it���s can simply be that it���s dirty. A wet/dry vacuum is the tool best suited for this job. Lots of it. Those of you who have read our articles, know that we are a small, U.S. Veteran-Owned HVAC company and pride ourselves on giving people honest, straight answers. This method is ��� Your air conditioner���s condensate drain line is a critical component on Oklahoma summer days. [3] X Expert Source Victor Belavus. Set a schedule of when you want to clean your ac. Generally, you should clean your coils at least once every 6 months. You can clean the fins by running the nozzle of a vacuum cleaner over them; this will remove the debris and allow the condenser to pull in air without obstruction. In this guide, we���ll address all your questions about why and how often to have your air conditioner���s coils cleaned. Cleaning your filters is the most important maintenance task you can do to care for your air conditioner. This may be the case if you���ve bought a second-hand unit, or you���ve never cleaned your air conditioner but now realize that you need to. How often should I clean my furnace or air conditioner? With normal airflow obstructed, air that bypasses the filter may carry dirt directly into the evaporator coil and impair the coil's heat-absorbing capacity. When servicing air conditioners, we are sometimes asked, how often should you clean your air ducts? Once a month is fine, however, it depends on the usage. Uncategorized September 26, 2018 Sante Blog 0. How Should You Clean Air Conditioner Evaporator Coil. What maintenance is required from me for my new air conditioner? Your air conditioner needs regular maintenance, much like your car does. March 4, 2020 . In order to function at peak efficienc y, your air conditioner's air filters, coils, and fins should be cleaned regularly. Can the air filters in my air conditioner be replaced? It was a helpful article for anyone with central A/C, but Unplggd reader Amanda H pointed out that we completely neglected many small, cool dwellers with window or free-standing air conditioning units.Just like any other appliance in your place, the window A/C also needs tender love and care. Regular maintenance will also prevent costly repairs. Cleaning your ac coils is necessary to produce better air quality, and your air conditioner will run more efficiently. The filters inside your air conditioner are responsible for the quality of air that is moved around your home. As a general rule, you should clean your air conditioner filters within the indoor unit every two weeks. but we dont use air conditioners in winter, so my mom clean them once in 3 months. In more dusty or polluted environments you should clean your filters more regularly. There are lots of people understand the importance of maintenance practice but do you really know why and when you should clean your filter? Curious about how to clean your portable air conditioner? How Often Do I Need to Clean My Air Conditioner? This video is a comprehensive guide to cleaning a portable AC, regardless of what type you have.