Zuma’s high risk plans for new nuclear reactors near to us at Bantamsklip in the Overstrand, Koeberg at Cape Town and Thuyspunt in the Eastern Province must be taken seriously by us all. If we help Safci.org* and Earthlife.org.za* to continue with their court case there is a good chance of succeeding in stopping this corrupt scheme from going ahead. The concerns are all over the media, (see below) and please forward to friends and family for their support , this is every South African’s struggle, our assets, health and economy are at serious risk.

“It is irrational for a country to be part-governed through litigation.  However, this happens in South Africa for reasons including that the legislator (parliament) has a badly designed structure (per the constitution), and is essentially non-functional as a counter-balance to the executive.  Essentially, litigation against the executive, using the judiciary as a ‘proxy’ for a parliament, is a very distant second prize.  Be that as it may, I think it may well be that the government will have to lose in court if they are to be stopped with the nuclear programme”.

The above quote from our attorney justifies their course of action!

All three proposed sites (2/3 reactors each) will be built on if they are not stopped. If they get one they will get them all, along with an enrichment plant, uranium mining in the Karoo, fuel assembly plant and much more corruption.

Nobody is talking about the cost and dangers of long term high level waste storage, transport of radioactive materials, decommissioning and the health and geo-political risks etc. that would follow. South Africa is earmarked as a bridgehead to export this most expensive and risky energy technology into Africa. We, as SA citizens, have indemnified the Russian suppliers against all the risks in terms of the contract being challenged in the courts.

Best Regards,
Rodney Anderson
Chairman: Bantamsklip.org


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Nuclear plan will keep SA’s poor in the dark – Kumi Naidoo

“What is critically needed right now is for as many South Africans as possible to say ‘My voice matters, I want to get involved; this is about me, this is about my children’s future’”.

He was speaking at the Southern African Faith Communities’ Environment Institute business breakfast at the Vineyard Hotel in Newlands 23 Rd May.

The former head of Greenpeace and human rights activist, Kumi Naidoo, said South Africans across the board need to fight the government’s proposed nuclear deal with Russia, saying nuclear is

“too expensive, too dangerous and as a solution to the current energy crisis would deliver too little too late”.
“This struggle is fundamentally about protecting our children and their children”

Liz McDaid, an energy and climate adviser to the institute, said South Africans needed to put their hands in their pockets to help fund the court case if they wanted to make sure the wrong decisions weren’t made now.

“We will take this to the Constitutional Court if needed because if we can’t get this right we may as well give up on our democracy.”

SAFCEI legal response to SA secret nuclear deals




SA postpones nuclear deal as court case looms